with Solid-Sawn Wood Flanges


Superior Engineered Wood

Builders want products that make building floor and roof framing easier, faster and more profitable. Solid-Sawn Wood IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS do just that.

Building with IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS offer many benefits:

Advantages over regular lumber
IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS are light in weight, easy to handle, strong and span long distances (up to 52 ft.), making them more labor and material cost efficient than solid lumber. Manufactured under climate controlled conditions, IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS are also:
• More uniform in strength, stiffer and straighter
• More durable and dimensionally stable
• Resistant to the splitting, warping, shrinking and twisting that can lead to squeaky floors
• Lighter in weight hence easier to handle

Quick and easy to install
IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS span longer distances (up to 52 ft.), making joist spacing wider, so fewer pieces need to be installed. Other convenient advantages:
• Wide flanges provide a larger surface area for gluing and nailing
• Traditional framing tools and fasteners facilitate and accelerate the installation process
• Openings can be strategically cut in the I-joist web to allow for wiring, ductwork and plumbing

Cost and time savings
Our software helps you calculate the exact number and type of floor and roof IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS required for your job. This enables you to:
• Place accurate orders
• Reduce material costs
• Eliminate waste on the job
• Easy handling and installation due to lightweight construction leading to savings on labor costs

Engineered for performance, built to last
The full product line of IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS (ranging in depths of 9.5 to 24 in. and in lengths up to 52 ft.) allow you to maximize the structural performance of floors and roofing; save time and money; and deliver a higher quality floor or roofs.
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* Photos courtesy of APA, the Engineered Wood Association