International Beams now offers Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) under the name IB MAX-CORE® CLT as part of its lineup of superior engineered wood products.

Cross Laminated Timber technology is effective for many scales of design and is swiftly penetrating the commercial building industry as a rapid, more sustainable alternative to steel or concrete superstructures. IB MAX-CORE® CLT is manufactured using extremely accurate and precise digital fabrication technology. This enables faster erection time and reduced crew sizes while minimizing the need for skilled labor.

IB MAX-CORE® CLT has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel and concrete. The panels are constructed of alternated layers of orthogonally laid up planks of timber, allowing for dual strength directionality.

IB MAX-CORE® CLT with finish grade lamella for projects that incorporate the inherent beauty created by exposed timber that can positively affect the occupant of a space.

Manufactured using sustainably farmed wood, IB MAX-CORE® CLT provides significant environmental benefits that makes this product superior to steel and concrete.

Key Advantages:

• Environmentally sustainable materials
• Lightweight construction
• Fast erection time
• Extremely accurate walls/floors and openings
• Maximum architectural freedom
• Reduced site traffic
• Safer construction site
• Simplistic assembly process
• Fire resistant
• Versatility

CLT standard – ANSI APA PRG 320-2017
Cross Laminated Timber CLT Handbook – Click Here

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