International Beams also has IB MAX-CORE® RIM in its lineup of superior engineered wood products. Its increased strength, recognized performance, convenient packaging and prompt delivery make IB MAX-CORE® RIM the ideal choice.

We are committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied not only with our exceptional products, flexible package sizes and strong support services but also with their overall experience.

Advantages of IB MAX-CORE® RIM

• Our IB MAX-CORE® RIM is paper wrapped and edge sealed for greater moisture protection and superior dimensional stability both in the lumber yard and on the job site
• It is manufactured in 12 ft. lengths for easy handling, minimal trimming and faster installation
IB MAX-CORE® RIM can be produced to any depth to suit conventional framing, IB MAX-CORE® I-JOISTS as well as open web systems

Completing your floor package with IB MAX-CORE® RIM also enables you to increase returns and lower inventory costs.
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* Photos courtesy of APA, the Engineered Wood Association